The Alchemist


“The end of me, is the the beginning of you”

I spent endless night’s trying, mixing what I thought would produce the end result. unfortunately to be disappointed again. Was it me trying to hard or was it a distorted expectation?

My soul feels tired. All those late nights not sleeping just looking for the formula wasting, mixing, spilling all these chemicals all over me.

Would I ever be normal?
Could I ever look in the mirror
and feel beautiful or is that some thing of the past.

If you knew how I felt you would run. if you could see my heart you wouldn’t talk to me.

So where do I start? Who do I tell? What can I do?

Well first, know that you can’t change anything, no chemical’s, no powder, no make up. Just to embrace the ugliness and compare it to mine as I bleed for you, marred on the cross.

Not even my friend’s could recognise me. I embraced the ugliness of the whole world so that the enemies of the soul, might be totally silent.

Now look, there’s an array of light, shining right there, where your standing. it’s rising up your leg, can you feel that warm feeling right now?

I feel the heat running up my body.
My heart’s feeling lighter, some one’s hands are on my shoulders.
The scares are gone, the pain is gone, I see a glow all over me. Am I standing or floating, whatever…please don’t let go .

“The end of me, is the beginning of you”

©Copyright 2012 written by:Peter Johnson

Isa 52:14 But many were amazed when they saw him. His face was so disfigured he seemed hardly human, and from his appearance, one would scarcely know he was a man.
Isa 52:15 And he will startle many nations. Kings will stand speechless in his presence. For they will see what they had not been told; they will understand what they had not heard about.

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10 Responses

  1. A very imaginative portrayal. Nice.

  2. Yes indeed. Thank you for these beautifully expressive written words.

  3. So very beautiful…very very well written my friend!!! Sterling, superb, ah-mazing!!! Hugs for this…just gorgeous 😀

  4. Loving your poetry. Many of us are struggling to allow ourself to be the end so that Christ can be the beginning. I’ve made a note of the scriptures footnoted.

    • Hay Amanda, I’m glad that your feeling it “the end of me is the beginning of Christ” just like what Paul said in “Gal 2.20” the revelation of true life!
      Thanks for your comment.

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