Am i prejudice

Such a strong word which can be broken down very simple!
my prejudice is my preference that i set above some one else, my preference can discriminate my brother at church my colleague at work or the man on the train playing rock music that seems a little to loud .
this emotion leads me to feel frustrated,so how do i deal with it ?………………well i learnt to neutralise my own preference like it wasn’t important this helped me to start looking objectively and then we can see and respond differently to that situation.
Our subjective views is not the conclution of any matter but a chip of the bigger picture, value yes your own views but give room for some one else because the journey of learn Is a endless road.

The lost message of the Gospel !

The message i have always believed in, has been brought into question, just like when the apostle paul confronted a certain man about the message he was preaching about circumcision , this matter required a major meeting of apostles and leaders to resolved the matter to earth the pure message of the Gospel Acts 15v1-35-The Jerusalem church prior to this , sent barnabas to see what message the was preaching to the greeks or gentiles as we are known biblically Acts 11v19-26.
Paul we a defender of the message that was revealed to him, but it seemed to be in conflict with the culture the traditions of the time” why was it so hard to accept the massage”? and do you think we have lost it in this generation?

I am a man of colour !

Coming into my own as a person i reconise who iam, and what i am about, in few words i,m a man of colour not race or origin, but in diversity, varity and also opportunity ,i don,t want to limit myself in business, fellowship,innovation and most of all in the issues of life.” I am a man of colour”

I am a magnet !

I can and will attract the people I love and value, the experiences of these people will inspire me to grow to become all that ” God intends for me” . My intention is to add value to all my investers towards me with sincerity and active listening that will produce, clairty, respect and affirmation, thank you all .

Am i really helping others

I was told that our persuit to help others is a poor reflection of our own need ,so who really needs the help, them or me ? what people need is not help but inspiration ,we are not the solution neither do we have it ,we just provoke people to think and reflect and then they will seek for some solution !

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