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Friend may come & friend may go, as a fox by night returns to its hole

The only memories that remains is like a clear canvas so descriptive & yet so rough around the edges

To my surprise there’s so much colour, as each part teaches me about each other

I gather my thoughts with introspection as am aware its just a lesson

Did I achieve anything by giving recognition to those who came into my life

Well on reflection didn’t we shared the same ambition…or were we blinded by just another mission

Its not a bad thing when we try to question, to see our hearts real intention

So what’s your view about this thing called ambition or is it self, just seeking for recognition

Well if it’s true, that’s major lesson, like the wilderness with no clear distinction.

I see you going backward and forward i can feel your hurting, while the most important memories of the past like the air slowly dissipating.

If a broken human being can smile from the heart, Gods intention will never depart…

©Copyright 2012 written by:Peter Johnson


The writers abode

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This is where I spend my time, writing & editing, after posting and not reading them properly, sound like I’m hasty…lol


When I need some inspiration strait to the garden as the view speaks for itself, just sheep, hills and running water.


This is my new toy, which i gave up on fifteen years ago, my key broad playing piano.


When I stressed, I try to keep fit.. Yea right, no i just keep breathing.


These are my wonderful children
Devon & Reeyah


This is the lady of the house or the Big Boss!…The wife.

My year so far..
This year has worked out to be a good year, considering the difficult issues we had to face. My only setback now is the publication of my book but through Gods grace we’ll get there. As a novice in the game of writing my aspirations are very high, with little experience in the field of writing, as my early experiences of dyslexia the cause of my delay. Now I’m growing beyond all that. What seems to carry me is “passion” & my love for Gods truth.
I need to concentrate on my book, the gift from God to release to the world. I now want to spend less time blogging as the publishers are waiting on me to make the final adjustments. A new found love is coming back into my life and the problem accrued when I became focused on just one thing. Every day I need to remind myself that life is about variety, the magical spices of life!
which includes family, friends, pleasure, laughter last but not least to worship the lover of my soul, Jesus.

Many thanks for visiting this blog Please pray for me to finish this project.

“I will make history”

He’s the author, the summary of my life!


Isa 50:4 “The Lord GOD has given Me The tongue of the learned, That I should know how to speak A word in season to him who is weary.

To my surprise is this me, writing construction these words transcending pen & paper. feels like a water overflowing washing to my soul.

Like a child, being lead hand in hand, reassured. compelled to say things beyond thought. As deep emotion leads the way, wisdom becoming so clear.
The under current of emotions just a notion through your light of your truth

I ask quietly, is this me? Its you, following the impulse of the spirit, don’t you realise the Author is me, guiding enthusing every word you write.

Your life’s journey no one can take, it’s a choice you chose every day. Your most precious hidden secret is Colossians 1:27 . It’s about time every one knows, truth it’s the author in you, not me, but you.

To the only wise God, possessing all innovation, sharing the only true love, Be Dominion, power, Majesty Forever “Amen”

©Copyright 2012 written by:Peter Johnson

A writers block


Isa 60:5 Your heart shall swell with joy; Because the abundance of the sea shall be turned to you, The wealth of the Gentiles shall come to you.

A writers block I’m yet to know, maybe when love is tired or grown cold, but right now all i know is a youthful passion to make history is my mission.

Two year since She’s been discovered, she writes my dreams they slowly become uncovered. Lord I pray she’s here to stay, to complete this book to pave the way.

A writers block is just a lesson, for a new encounter through observation. To all my friends feeling this way, know that a writers block will eventually go away.

©Copyright 2012 written by:Peter Johnson

A passion for writing

I love you more than Life.

Psa 63:3 Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, My lips shall praise You.

My passion for writing is like falling in love, a sweetness that’s present caressing the soul. As the pen and paper entwined as one, reminds me through it all what can be done. how harmonious, uniting everything I couldn’t explain.

Thank you inspiration, your just like my mother your intuition is real, ignites everything within like fire.
Thank you wisdom you’ve become my tower, the figure I never knew, what my son called a father.

What I’m doing, seems like I’m healing, from this emptiness to gain new meaning

I love you more than “Life”
Inspired by: Ps 63

©Copyright 2012 written by:Peter Johnson

The beauty of “REFORM”


Who said “change isn’t “Good Church history teaches us about how the community of believers evolved and settled under the establishment of the roman empire. Many believers seem to avoid this information but when you look at the nature of the church today you’ll see where everything is coming from.
Looking back throughout the two thousand year history, the community or the Ecclecisia of God has some what lost its way through cultures also political influence & structures that resembles the institutions of this world.
After the empires fell at the end of the fifth century we have what is known as the dark ages under the rule of catholicism up to the fifteenth century called the age of reform when Great men moved by the spirit changed history.

Today we find ourselves in the midst of a reform “called emerging” which has traces of the lost culture of the bride of Christ the“CHURCH “

What do you think about “REFORM”

“Fellowship is life”

Many are called & few are chosen


Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance. Confucius ~

“Chosen or Called”

It sounds so prestigious to be chosen, what a privilege for some to claim. As some would say it’s our right in Christ. Can we therefore claim to be the “elect” or is this in reference to israel?
Some would say, we as the church has become a kind of Israel but still can we consider ourselves as the elect? I don’t think God would confuse terms like these. Israel would always be called the elect of God. Isa 44:1 “But now listen, O Jacob, my servant, Israel, whom I have chosen.

Does this make the “called out one’s” Ecclecisia second class citizens?
We have to be very careful what context we give these terms, i don’t think God would change his mind about different group of people considering his plans transcends all people’s, families and nations to become ONE In Christ

The parable of the wedding feast is the only solid ground to establish the significance of these terms the people invited was the chosen guess, who were far to busy for the wedding feast. So the servant was instructed by the king to go in the most unlikely places to called those in the highway and byways to come to the wedding feast

The moral of this parable is “Many are Called” and “Few are chosen”

I always thought that the “few chosen” were fortunate but that’s not the meaning. The meaning is the opposite, being called is a reflection of not deserving the opportunity,
appreciating the graciousness of God all the more, unlike the chosen who took there right for granted.
This parable unsettled many Pharisees who heard, knowing Jesus was referring to them.

The new testament church is known as the – Eccleisia called out ones.
Israel is the elect chosen hand picked or selected ISA 43:1, 44:1,2 Act 13:17
The Apostle Paul reveals in the epistles that we are chosen in Christ, Eph1:4, 2tim1:9 which is different from “THE CHOSEN” in reference to the covenant with Israel as a nation before God, Ex19:5,6

In conclusion: being called or knowing your chosen comes down to one important thing, “have I responded to the invitation, the free gift of Gods grace through jesus Christ “…….


“Fellowship is life”

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