Where is my manager?

The lights are blinding my eyes, why so many camera’s…. Its overwhelming.
Who would want to live like this?
My life is not my own…I feel out of control why

I guess they’re playing games with me, my Manager the Publishers.
why all these paparazzi are on me like this following my every step Sensationalising my life!

Is this the the red pill of success that’s killing me softly or the biggest mistake I’ve made….

I Can’t breath properly
What’s happening to me?

I want to go home ,where is my family
Where is my driver

I think I’ve lost my will , the will to say NO, Some body help me!! The lights are hurting my eyes Where is my manager?

Why is every one looking at me. Why does every one look like snakes
waiting to attack me?
All I see is camera lens, flashing lights and a numb feeling in my hands and feet. My pulse is racing, racing to get out of here, but everyone is in my way.

WHAT have i attracted… Thinking I can get what I want! at what cost?
my soul “oh” my soul!!

This is about my soul
My liberty to worship God, to honour him with my life

This opportunity presented itself to me, and this is why I’m feeling weak.
Who’s telling me all this
Where is all this coming from

It’s me! the Holy spirit trying to Guide you from destruction and humiliation.
As your popularity has become another man’s success , trust no one in this industry because their loyalty is for their own gain, capitalising from all your talents that Elohim, your creator invested in you.

Do you want out?

Repeat after me.
Lord Jesus I know I’ve became ungrateful of your love to pursue only loving myself. Forgive me as my fame has brought me shame, rendering me powerless and empty of the relationship we had.

I can see my family now, I can run, my breath , i can breathe Were is my manager?

I see the driver ” get in the car” he said, There’s my son, Son where is mum and your sister “over there” Let’s go, let’s go ,we’re going home.

2Cr 11:3 But I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

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