Life’s journey learning

Today I spent some time working on my garden considering this season we’ve had a lot of rain in England close to flooding in some parts of the country
This morning as i looked outside the sun was shining so I decided to work on my little garden as I like to lawn the grass with a little bit of music in the background a bit chilled out But this time it seemed so different , I found myself thinking about life’s journey learning and the amazing factor about life’s processes
My mindset has changed from the old conventional way I use to think, maybe since the life coaching course, now I see the concept of process in everything i do just like the grass I was cutting. A few week ago it was in perfect shape, after a wile the external elements like rain , sun light , heat that caused it to grow back so quickly

Isn’t it like Life’s problems, they to are like that at times remember but they will come, but they will go

I want to set my mind on what I’m producing through all that I’m facing

Am I learning that this process is about seeing me as I really am and growing though is opportunity in life’s journey learning!

No one like stress or being stressed out but i believe that we must have a conscious strategies how to deal with our stress because the consciousness of it all brings “REST”

One of my convictions is ,my character is being upgraded for the journey a head, considering life’s journey is a responsibility in it’s self

Going back to this thing called process I’m thinking about a character in a story that was sold into slavery by his own brothers afterwards to be wrongly accused with his master wife only to face two years in prison but the amazing thing this man didn’t complain wherever he was he was just responsible only to help and steward what was placed in his hands, this man is joseph!
and the man going through this process is me.

psalm 105:18 They hurt his feet with fetters, He was laid in irons.
Psalm 105:19 Until the time that his word came to pass, The word of the LORD tested him.

From: Life’s journey learning.

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