What do we learn from British Colonialisation?

“Just take something repackage it and sell it” ….lol

From the “less is more” series

You are the “Brand”

My journey studying life coaching has open up a hole new world to me, I felt a bit apprehensive but now i see things from a greater perspective, from goal setting to visualising clear defined outcomes.
Throughout the course of the year I’ve stumbled on some amazing topics like colour psychology in relation to personality types and how colour can inspire the vision of your intended future .

What’s really impacted me first, when I started was learning about core values and passions, the bedrock of the human soul.

Why do we do what we do?
Can we be happy in our career’s , is there more fulfilment in working for ourselves?
What makes you fulfilled?
Are you happy?

What’s really helped me over the past six months is learning about emotions and negative associations which are just ideas ,beliefs or notions we hold Unconsciously. In one of my post I mentioned about setting a monthly program to asses your emotional state that would give you clarity about yourself, soul survivor is the post ,the real point is about discover what you really need and not the substitute.

I believe that the human needs of the soul are connected to our self perception for example have you lost a job before? how did it feel ? What was effected?
I bet it was yourself perception, Isn’t that your soul ?
But my objective is to become rooted in some thing immaterial, some thing more conscious , for me it’s my divine connection with God , I choose to live out of the abundance of that connection that’s where my happiness is
The journey is about recapturing those emotions that seem to be out of control and giving them some context
to work more effectively and to enjoy you life.
The hole point of this post is about my realisation that i am and you are a BRAND! like Apple , google , or virgin these brands are known for innovation and service
What do you want to be known for?
One of my projects is the concept that “less is more” It’s a brand to encourage other people to be clear and concise about themselves as a brand but before we reach the level of branding let’s deal with the stuff that would take away from our God given brand.

When a product is being branded it requires in depth input hard work but when it’s recognised , less becomes more !


I hope you have enjoyed sharing my journey
God bless and a great day.

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