The human soul

What do we realy understand about the human soul it’s normaly the part we don’t talk about but guess what it the part that needs acceptance , forgiveness , and obviously to be “significant” , Feeling of value in this world.
When the soulish needs are supressed all kinds of perversions seem to come out of our soul and we label it as sin but know this ! God is concerned with the needs of the soul and he desires to satisfy our soul – ps 107v 9, but we need to understand how it all works together with our spirit through the holy spirit. The insight of late to me is the impression of the soul that effect your spirit
Pro 18v14
The human spirit can endure a sick body, but who can bear a crushed spirit?
Their only so much the soul can bear, the effect is on the spiritual dispostion but when those needs are meet we can funtion as God intented

we welcome the grace campaign !

The twenty one day pray chain has helped our relationship as a married couple and praise be to God for that .
what we have also experienced is the breaking of thing inherited through our family like dept problems interpersonal issue and issues of agreement in the matters of our life and future.
be encourage if this is of any help to you , go for it and let God bless you and your marriage

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