Toxic emotion !

Well toxic behavour began in the garden when man and woman were tempted by Satan ! The negitive emotion called guilt kick in then shame , then blame and deception then fear accompanied by condemnation and finaly death seperation from God !
The charactor of toxic emotions are obvious: judgmental , critical bitterness resentful , always angry ,activist, fighting for justice at any cost , insensitive , ignorant, hasty.
The real sign of this emotion is when people can’t change the conversation to anything positive or productive .
Toxic emotion lacks ambtion, aspersions
Inovation , or moral soundness .
This is when people we love need help
So becareful of : work colleages , relationships , , neighbours , brothers , sisters , or any one your helping !

Soul survivor !

Soul survivor

There is emence pressure on the human soul in these end times. Its is in our nature to survive under pressure and intense stress .
Being a soul survivor is the key ! nurishing and strengthening the soul is the bases of winning the battle. First the emotions to impact the mind then a postive impression will show through our spirit .
Often depressed people don’t know why they feel that way being so tangled up with feelings fears and frustrations the question for many of us , where do we start with all of this

Well make a note or make a Diary for a month and separate it in to sections one side feelings the other side needs Begin by acknowledging your feeling give them some attention by identifying what they are ! and what you believe you realy need .
This would be a good place to start for your growth, through recognition of your feelings then you can understand yourself a lot more .
Compulsive obsessive behaviours is about people doing things without thinking what they realy need or what’s best for them .
The bible says we should hold captive our throughts and feeling how we do that ? by identifying what is those thought and feeling also label them for what they realy are .

Feelings !

All feeling need some context and a healthy out let other wise it will dissipate and find it’s own context and justify it’s actions and develop a belief system thats called “error” this is the deadlly cancer of the believer
John 4v6 says error is those how don’t “hear us”
When what we believe comes from Christ or the “holy spirit” is the holy spirit a liar “God forbid” , let Gods words be true and me and every man a liar, so people remember what jesus said “take heed to what you hear”
Or if you have ears to hear listen to what the spirit is saying and that might be through your feelings !

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