I was on my way to work driving enjoying listening to the radio, as I was driving a calmness came over me, I felt a peace with myself suddenly to hear a “beep” Which through me right of my meditation and my thoughts went back 22 year ago being in Brooklyn , NY, grand army plaza on 5th ave , hearing the same “beep” on reflect it was a culture clash in my mind because the beep I heard all those years ago was a sign, making me aware of all activity around me but today in my home town “east london” it was a sign of intolerance, that made me feel mad!

It’s amazing how the mind works also how the emotions try’s to find context for our experiences ,well I suppose thats life’s journey learning
But on the flip side I saw the anguish of soul this man dealing with, knowing the times of austerity we are living in ,hard times causing people to despair

Anguish of soul is a terrible thing, even more if it’s self inflicted

There was a women who suffered anguish of soul knowing she couldn’t have children for the man she loved One day she prayed in the depth of her pain and said lord if you give me a child I’ll dedicate him to you
So when the child was born she called him Samuel meaning “I asked for from the lord”
want I understand is asking from the lord isn’t a sign of weakness, asking is a sign of relationship closeness more so recognising the we aren’t the sum total of supplying our own need’s
Anguish is also known as “bitterness how cancerous is that?
Consciousness is a combination of what we understand to be right in our own frame of minds aligned with our emotions finding context within Gods word , would God undermine my feelings? , would he disregard what I’m thinking?

conceptualising these dynamics is where our power lies , so don’t be afraid to add to your faith in-order to be reached or reach a wider audience.


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