Children and worship!

What’s your views on children and worship?


Tell a child to pray i suppose they’ll just listen to you and copy your words in prayer but how do you teach them how to worship?

Prayer in the book psalms is often seen as a cry for help but worship is an expression of love, adoration of the magnitude and the greatness of God psalm 63 ,king David reflects on his experiences in a very difficult time contrasting his experience with the events related to his present state in the wilderness. Worship doesn’t always have to be encapsulated with our words but deep feelings of adoration and moments of silence! before God.

Psa 63:6, On my bed I remember you; I think of you through the watches of the night

My son loves lifting his hands
also standing on chairs in worship
I think it make him feel closer to God
But the heart beat of it is I’ve taught my children that worship is knowing that God is worth it
Which enables us to give a sacrifice of praise , heb 13:15

This is a series: about children and worship look forward to children “understanding worship”

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