The blog post!

Have you ever read a blog post that just inspired you to write something down beyond you thoughts or capability?

Imagine writing until it becomes a book or some intense research for others to benefit from , only to hear some day that YOUR BLOG POST was the reason why some one wrote this BOOK Could you imagine how that would feel!

I read a blog post today and it said “Act as if what you do makes a difference”

Wow! that hit me , what attitude do you think just infused in side me.

I just need to do what’s in my heart , I guess with some insight , some understanding of what I’m dealing with
often I question myself and I believe I should in order to silent any voices in my head, If my motivation is right then I should just engage knowing that I’m making the right decision.

I suppose the effects of selflessness transcends what we will ever know
or understand about attitude and behaviour.


As I’m writing this, I just got a mental picture….uhm!

I remember a story and the focus was about doing the least for some one, when I was hungry you food me , when I was in prison you visited me and the man replies when did I do that?

So what I heard from that blog post make sense in the light if what I believe, “Act as if what you do makes a difference”
The master replied , the least you do for anyone else you have done it to me.
So it’s not how much but the least is enough then?
In my conclusion would it be right for me to just select who i give my inspiration to , if the master says the least I do to anyone is considered as be great before him?

Well done son, but know this, the opportunity is the mic , remember the POWER is in the VOICE!
Isa 40:3

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