My life!


My aims at this stage of my life is about me being rooted in my core values basically to “live from my core” ,without force, fret or any external expectation
In my pursuit I see a lot of cynicism
or undigested pain within people’s tone in regards to speech
What are they afraid of? what has history done to Shape them into this condition? I suppose that’s life, causing us to live by the past with the intention of reshaping the future

I’m a man that values my divine relationship with my creator “Yahweh” the eternal God and Jesus my saviour
I consider myself to be regenerated
or born again , that just means I’ve
Received the indwelling of Yahweh’s eternal spirit That makes me receptive , objective without prejudice , embracing , bearing in mind I don’t consider this as being religious “if you feel me”
I respect Humanity as I do my core, which is spirit ,I see no reason for argument for I have nothing to prove , for me life can be as harmonious as we want to be ( maybe because I’m not a left sided mind thinker)

The killer of harmony is ego >;; edging >;; God >;; Out >;;
This is the undigested pain I mentioned before.


let’s be embracing of what is true lovely and kind, for this is God

Why do we blame God for mankind’s problems
Most problems derives from man’s doings , just look at history from the roman empire to European renaissance and the british Colonialisation!
Now look we are living in a capitalist society that’s created a divide between people’s , colours and cultures isn’t this man? not God , let’s us question man! male and female why do we allow them to suffer (I’m answering some ones question) a comment on one of my post …sorry about that!

So what have we done to make this world a better place?
We have a part to play in the evolution of being civil and respectable to others, so let’s do our bit
The rest is beyond us or above us which lord will do!

Going back to my aim the “core

1) How do I measure my goal , well I try to be honest with myself in any given situation

2) what would you consider as progress , the small step not a leap

3) anything else , the connection with people, who are different from me and my goals , ambitions or ministries

4) also interdependent learnt to calibrate with other people ie “flexibility”

5) “prayer and meditation” I’m not the source of my outcome.

6) a plan of action, then tick of regularly my progress, holding myself accountable to make the effort and question myself why in relation to the goal.

It’s amazing what we learn when we are open

I have my own views about eduction and life’s journey learning which is my my passion but , just like emotions need context so does ,eduction, faith and life’s learning “needs context”
not just some rational justification

Here is England everyone is encourage to go to university which has been the case up to the “new government” but no one is encourage to work for themselves to pioneer their own vision, What is the purpose of education?
Is it about us just fitting into small boxes to be told what to do or tell others the same thing how boring is that?

Ive got friends or people I know who doesn’t really understand that there is life outside of their church, should church define us?
Are we not Hunan beings not human belonging
I don’t belong to a church I belong to God , I live in fellowship with believers
I was created to live life with definition, with the enjoyment that God intended. isn’t that’s why God made man? life isn’t just about hard work or Coming home tried, life is about the fulfilment that we experience that we also bring to others.

Now my salvation makes sense, with a little bit of salt and seasoning I’m hungry to keep on it.
Thanks for stopping off to share some time with me .


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