Hi , I’m peter from east London that’s England east London to be precise. I’m self-employed enjoying what I do, i thank God for his grace keep in me in these times of uncertainty I’m a spiritual person from my core, aiming to share my passion, life and my journey with everyone that I meet.
My thoughts are very much on faith without the confusion of religion but the beauty of a relationship with Christ also i’m very much centred on development Spiritual, psychology & consciousness which supports my new field of life coaching. Unfortunately due to unforeseen issues the publication of my book has been delayed.
On my journey I’m learning more about myself and the blessedness of listening to other bloggers knowing that our differences as people don’t have to be a obstacle
“Conflict don’t have to result in an argument but a platform to learn something new”

By : Pjgracecommunity this is my passion


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  1. Peter you are an inspiration of the amazing power of Gods grace God bless you and anoint your work I support you and look forward to growing with you Zainab

  2. God’ best on your new company Peter! Let it flourish to proclaim the goodness of Christ Jesus.

  3. Wonderful! And I hope God blesses you to reach your goals! Thanks for stopping in at my place.
    Love you brother and do have a wonderful day πŸ˜€

  4. Wonderful, inspirational blog! Good luck with all your endeavors. πŸ™‚
    And thanks for checking out my blog.

  5. Peter: Sounds like you and I have a ton in common! Can’t wait to read more on your blog… and to read your book… are you still on timeline? Thank you -Bill

  6. Hello! I look forward to really diving into your blog. Also, thank you for following my blog at Faith1st Ministry. I hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life. May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st. — Sebastian

    • Your welcome sebastian, there is a slogan we use in the fellowship I teach at, which we really encourage the constitution of the kingdom “each one teach one” we give every one the opportunity to share for all to learn, I believe we can do it here on wordpress , blessing my brother.

  7. Thanks for liking my blog post ’6 powerful questions to ask when measuring success’.

    I look forward to seeing your book in July.

    Keep up the writing…

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your comment. May you walk in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, always.

  9. Thank you for sharing, and God bless you.

  10. Thanks for checking out our blog. We hope it is a blessing. In Christ, Joel

    • You blog caught my attention and I think you guys are doing a great work, knowing it can only be the lord, many blessing as you journey fulfilling that great joy.
      John 15:11

  11. Hi Peter, Thank you so much for visiting my blog πŸ™‚

  12. Peter, thanks for visiting my blog, your blog is nice! Good look on your coaching business and publishing your book.

  13. I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! You can find it over at http://cleansedbygod.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/one-lovely-blog-award/

  14. Hi Peter. Thanks for checking out my blog, and I just checked out yours and I love what you’re doing. I wish you every success!

  15. Peter I loved reading about you and your quote brought tears to my eyes. It was sweet hearing from you and I look forward to reading more of your posts. I’m not sure how the link up business works but will look into that too. Blessings to you…

    • I am so,so encourage to receive your comment, now you got me feeling emotional.
      I thank God that the world isn’t a big place, when we become conscious of our connection first a human being also our undying love and faith that keep us go on every day. I look forward to reading more of your blog and I’m glad you enjoy the quotes. With many blessings to you. Peter

  16. No, it’s not such a big overwhelming place although it is easy to forget. Denise.

  17. …seems we are pursuing the same goals from a slightly different perspective … great blog .. thx

  18. Beautiful, beautiful blog! Love it! Thank you so much for liking my post! God bless you!

    • Your welcome, as a community we give and take, like the love of God that’s can never be fake, each one teach one is what I believe, as you know through faith what one can receive.

    • Col 4:6 Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.

      We as Christian must be careful how we comment on blogs because the world will point the finger. We should be the examples.. God bless you richly.

  19. Peter… where can I buy your book? I love your blog… πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for asking, I’m just about to send it to the US again, God willing for the last time for grammatical editing.

      So I believe for Christmas it will be ready!! The basis of the book is about Authentic transformation through the undying always will, for ever abounding Grace of God.

      Thanks for your interest and most of all your comment.


  20. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking “Capturing Life…” Both are much appreciated. I love your blog!!! Can’t live without Grace. It’s wonderful that you share the message! Thank you! Please stop by my blog again soon! Robyn

  21. Brother Peter, or beter still Philosopher P, you are a great blessing onto many. God is good! Sean.

  22. If the word of God is clearly in “words” why be a mathmetician? Why not be a wizard with words to get to the CORE meaning of the word?

  23. I applaud your perspective! Keep on being a channel of God’s grace!

  24. Hello there! I nominated your wonderful blog! β™₯β™₯β™₯ http://joycelynaralar.wordpress.com/2012/11/20/my-third-blog-award-im-inspired/

  25. Hi Peter.
    I have awarded you The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Go to http://kingspeech.wordpress.com/ to check it out.
    God bless.

  26. Hi Peter.
    I have also nominated you “The Blog of the Year 2012” award. Go to http://kingspeech.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/blog-of-the-year-award-2012/ to take a look at it.

  27. very nice to know about you dear πŸ™‚

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