Pt3 The Campaign

Most people are aware of the absence of God than the presence of God. A lot of people are aware of the presence of sin than evidences of grace because so often we over look how God works And much of God’s work in our lives is inward relating to the issues of the heart , in most cases
it’s not “spectacular” unless we are desperately in need. Gods Grace is rarely obvious to the individual if we are not expect it. normally Grace is reconized as we look back and question How did I get through this stage of our life
The bible says the kingdom of God is forcefully advancing from the days of john the baptist till now so Lets challenage the lingering feeling of disatisfaction and the lack of active and practical Christianity in our communities. What a joy it is to discern where and how God is at work, drawing people’s attention to this mystery and celebrating God’s grace in their lives Eph 1v7-8

If The Grace of God is the fuel of your salvation look out for the book !
Coming soon .

The Grace Campaign , lets take it to the nation !

The objective of this camaign : is to build up the community of believers, as community is the advancement of the kingdom of God on earth , by affirming Gods Grace we’ll see a greater demanstration in peoples lives and stronger relationships built upon the Grace of God.

The strategy

what we are passionate about as believers and intend to do , is to encourage you to partner up and interact with a believer over a consistant period of time , daily , weekly , monthly what ever suits you , just engage in the process by identifying an evidence of Gods grace sharing with each other or pray for each other this can be done by email , text or phone call what ever suits you.
considering the times we are living in only the grace of God can make the difference with our youth and our unemployed men and women , impacting our communities and famlies don’t matter if you are black ,white ,or asian
let us take it to the nation: the Grace campaign. Acts 4v33

Impact or impression

What do you think Jesus was known for it was said he went around doing good
But the question still remains what impression did he leave in peoples minds ?
To be known for doing good, people will say he was a socialist for doing that , speaking to people having compassion on them they said he was humanistic because he understood peoples needs .
My experience and impression of jesus
Goes beyond just a good man but as the impact and demonstration of the reality of God, a true witness .
How do you want to be known ?
What impression do you Want to leave in peoples mind ?
How would people that know you discribe you ?

On the 8th day , cut off !

on the 8th day a jewish male child is circumstised , simbolic of the seperation of the flesh and spirit the old and new ,remember they are not compatible they are enemies !
be meciful to the sincere but cut of all the decievers because they have one goal in mind, and that is to undermind you.
Do you value yourself ? do you believe you have something to offer ?
so do they ! cut them off, they will never tell you that, because you are a fret of being a major success a round them
and that is there challenage. When their inablity should be there only challenage “not me or you”
8 is the number of new begingings and that’s what has happened everything seems new to me since” the cut off”
I’m inhailing and exhaling new life ,the inhailing is pure Godly energy and exhailing pure inspiration adding value to others join me and journey to your 8th day.

Settlers or pioneers

In life there is two types of people well there are a lot more but I want to focus on two, the settler and the pioneer.
Settlers : they are community people that loves the sense of culture and routine their strenght is nurture sounds motherly
this is an important quality for a sustainable future for the community .
Pioneers : they are visionaries , hunters , protecters , of their community in these days they are called entreprenurs , self made, and sustained by what they have anabled to work.
My question to you which one is more like you and how does it fit in you professional role or social and community
activities ?
2) are you happy with that role or are you seeking some changes ?
3) what are you better at caring for people or working out solutions for the moving forward ?
No matter what category you fall in the question still remains do you have the skill to develop or sustain the mission ?
If not let this be your goal to improve you, to be the impact and the outcome
Of a settler or a pioneer.

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