Your zone of creativity !

When do you perform your best at home fulfilling some responsibility or at work, in the gym , on a night out with friends, teaching some one how to do something or Simply being creative with the things that you enjoy

We were born to create and this creative energy wants to be used. The challenge is life’s circumstances often draws us away from that beautiful place

Have you thought about assessing yourself ?
There are personality tests that can help discover your strengths and weak areas in your lives

Our creative energy can easily become frustration, anger or even violent , destroying only ourselves

Steps of action

1) what makes you happy
2) what gets the best out of you
3) what are you compassionate about ?
4) what is your present world view
5) what do you feel fortunate for in your life ?

In the human soul there is two reserves
One is for serving the needs of others
And the other one is for your own development, this balance is important to achieve because the blend and mix of the two is where our creative power is birthed.


The children of israel in the wilderness were deeply “under nourished” that it effected there judgement and perception which lead to them making undesirable decisions but when you look deeper their Interest was for God “just to move” but moses just wanted to know the lord and more so “his ways” ps 103v7

So let’s take a step back for a min ”
What’s really going on in our hearts what is our motivation in this life ?
Are we really growing and developing ? Are we investing in ourselves if not we will burn out , if we are working and not growing do you know what we are heading for ?
Ps 106 v 12-15
When we look at the plant kingdom we see soil , seed ,water and sun light this is all about growth , sustainability more so nourishment for healthy and consistent growth
When our delight is the LORD we will be like a tree planted by rivers of water who’s leaves will not wither but will yield it’s fruit in their season – ps 1v2-3

2011 was a GOOD YEAR

On reflection , could it been better ?
When I think about who I know, could I
of given more time , more support even more encouragement and shown more intrest ?
When God think about us , it’s always being more , sharing more , forgiving more , loving more and that “hurts sometimes”
That why Jesus suffered that we all can be more !
A lot of people will become despondent and unwilling this new year but change is inevitable remember that your processes are more valuable than gold or silver this is your passport to lasting success .

Let 2012 be more in God and with God that we can be more to each other !
“James 1v 2-5”

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