HOPE isn’t a tedious journey !

There is so much muscle to the HOPE which we have in Christ unfortunately the English language give the notion that HOPE is just some thing we expect which seems bland and tedious waiting for some thing to happen.

In my quest to apprehend this hope I discovered a lot of muscle in it’s meaning !
The bible says no discipline for the present isn’t joyful but after the benefit are obvious
To create a new habit it’s been said that it takes twenty one days to form one or to break one
But HOPE takes on a different persona first of all HOPE transcends this life into eternity , secondly HOPE is a anchor for the Human soul, which is sure and steadfast

Thirdly HOPES expectation is joyful.
HOPE allows us to know in part meaning to taste or feel the resonation of our HOPE before the full manifestation
Forth point hope is like caffeine which stimulates the mind , mental stimulation is what is needed in these times recession can do one or two things , stop us thinking becoming subject to the current standard or become more creative mentally for survival and progress for the betterment of our own lives and those in our communities , one thing we can’t afford to compromise is this hope which is the treasure and the heart beat of the believer.

1cor 15v19 says if we have HOPE in CHRIST only in this lIFE we are men most miserable
When we understand this point the real journey of HOPE will begin

The maturity of HOPE becomes faith which is certain , sure ,
and frames what our world at present consist of which carries us into eternal life which is our eternal HOPE.

So like Abraham HOPED against HOPE and believed God !
And it was counted to him as righteousness .

Have A good day for hope isn’t tedious!

In the Garden there were two tree’s

Depending on your background this story might provoke a range of feelings which maybe fiction or nonfiction but the message and principle Lives on
But my question is how does it relate to the way we live today ?

Ok let’s look at the story , The lord God made the heavens and the earth and during that process he begins the fine detail of what we now see around us

Then the story goes direct to the Garden and what he made was pleasing to the eye and good for food in the middle of the garden was two distinct tree’s considering there were tree all around but the bible says in the middle of the garden there were two tree’s

One tree was the tree of life the other was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil

One was life, the other was knowledge based

Well for me I see the battle of these values of life vs the knowledge of good and evil
Our morals comes from this tree of knowledge of good and evil anyone thinking that’s good but this same knowledge gets us in trouble because be spiritual or Godly isn’t about knowledge or basic morals when we sin we know it’s wrong our consciousness tell us so But still this knowledge can’t help us

Are we then eating from the wrong tree? Yes

The world is eating from this tree the politician are also , the religious world are to
This is why we need to understand our salvation it’s not a message about right and wrong but “ LIFE

Rev 2v7 say to him that over comes I will give him access to the tree of life which is in the paradise of God the word paradise in Greek is translated as garden
Jesus gave many clues to himself as life or Source, he talked about the true vine , the eternal bread , living water , the light of the world
The resurrection is “LIFE”

In the garden man was given to instructions , one to till or work the land as the land became man’s responsibility and after then he was instructed not to eat from that tree and he also knew the consequences of eating from it

What governed man was not law but grace between God and man who’s fellowship brings harmony through Christ victory over Sin and death

We can enjoy life not law because law leads us to sin consciousness which only abounds more and more

Under the new-testament christ through grace has given only two commandments 1john 3v23 which says to believe in his son and to love one another everything else is a love response there is no law in love , love is a response , open , humble , kind . Thoughtful , quick to listen and quick to learn !
which is a out pouring of life from the source

To day we see a battle of doctrine and Grace or religion and truth but one thing is good to know that doctrine gives a sense of order and perspective to accompany this life but Grace directs us strait to source life in Christ.

What would you prefer knowing about life or experiencing it?
This is what separates the religious people from those eating from the masters table experiencing life not talking about it Rev 3v20

When Jesus came to earth the story ends up at the same place where it all started in the garden ” Gethsemane” and finally on the tree on calvary where Jesus reconciles us to God by his death on the tree giving us access to life again not in a tree or by one, but in himself.

Life’s journey !

Life is like a person with an empty bag and on life’s journey we pick up different things through the people we meet and the conversations we have.

One day, that person the same person decided to look into the bag and found
Gratitude , harmony , self respect , joy , consideration
And love !

So that same person decided to make a note of all the good things in that bag before putting them back inside
And when ever they meet some one they went into that same bag and
shared it with them , after everything went back in that same bag !

one day there was no one to share with or help and life became dull so that same person start looking in the mirror and started to make some adjust to themselves and found it meaningful and empowering , remembering that every thing they gave to others was what they needed and after going back into the bag time and time again they found some thing called “identity”
Which brought colour and clarity and a different meaning to life !

So the journey transpired to heights unimaginable and the feelings of emptiness became a distant memory
But the lesson learnt deeply absorbed
Consciously defining one thing to serve out of abundance so that we would always abound and never be found lacking !

Fellowship is life !

In a world where the human soul is crying to be notice in search for meaning, identity or simply for love !

Do you remember the first day you started school and all the anxiety of going there not knowing where to stand or to sit conscious of the thoughts what people think about me.
The reality is they only think what they see on your face !

When we got settled we found a sense of belonging with friend that accepted us and we also with them which I call this “the journey of fellowship” what a lovely word.
The word fellow is an old English term for friend and ship is union or togetherness of that friendship

We were made for fellowship it’s one of our most important needs in humanity , the problem is we confuse the issues related to fellowship like the miss uses of sex , material wealth , status etc…………..

What are the different levels of fellowship : with our maker : in a community or family sense : life partner meaning a wife or husband : business : social, where we share the same interest or values : religious where we have the same convictions, the only problem in any level of fellowship is we shouldn’t think exclusively in relation to others, fellowship should be inviting, open and objective even if we disagree on any miner point but what happens when there is no fellowship between

any group of people
What did Jesus do
Who did he have fellowship with
Was he prejudice
Was he bitter with the establish group in his time?
So what was his focus

What’s your focus in fellowship…..

“Fellowship is life”

How reliable is pride !

2 Chronicles chapter : 15,16 is where an amazing story about a king who endeavours to remove all idolatry in all the lands of Judah
And at his 36th year reign he comes into conflict with Baasha the king of Israel but what surprises me is that people were leaving the region of where king Baasha was to
Judah which reflects all the hard work done In Judah through Asa removing every unGodly sense of worship even this mother in-law who worshiped foreign gods. Asa never had any war or conflict for 30 years
When king Asa heard what was happening he made an alliance with other nations against the king of israel using the temples Gold & Silver to influence and strengthen his alliance against king baasha with the other nations. So baasha stopped building the wall of separation and Aza removed all the resource at Ramah that separated judah from Israel

This remind me of some of the rivalry we often face is business when people leave or set up there own company competing against us
Or when people leave churches looking for greener pastures
Often pride takes over and scandal or criticism kicks in
Only leaving a bad taste in our mouth !
King Asa approach or strategy was only fuelled with pride making the situation worse , when the lord spoke through the prophet he raged and lock up the man and ill treated the people of his region

In the absence of war the dependance of the king and his people was the LORD but the complacency of the king only lead into pride making independent decisions
When the king became ill he refused to seek the lord and eventual he died with this same attitude and rested with his fathers
The only thing God can do with stubborn pride is to remove us out the way and make room for his grace through his spirit or selfless individuals who would Glorify the name of the lord

my prayer is lord don’t let me be miss lead by pride , let me forever lean on you and show your self strong when I am wrong ! 2chron 16v9

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