“Man up”

Be awear of the spirit of jezebel it trying to over ride Gods divine order , that’s what it don’t like. “Gods order”, it want our leaders or generals of the faith also our integral husbands to compremise their convictions .
“Men need to be Men” listen to those around you but don’t make any decision based on them , “know the lord “not people opinions . This spirit plays on our emotions as men so becareful !
Is This the inbalanced discipline of being raised by females alone? but now Gods raising up Men !
We have some ground to regain, so if this is how your feeling pray for the up rising for the community our churches and for our boy children growing up in this society that will ” glorify our God”


“News of the world ” its a conflict of intrest !

Only by Grace can you be saved through faith,not by works that any of us may boast!
Eph 2v7-8

A letter killed me !

A letter killed my because i really didn’t understand it , that is what happen’s when we look at the words of God .
The apostle paul prayed for our eyes to be enlightened for this very reason ,zeal without the right knowledge is dangerous just like a child with an explosive in his hand.
lets stand back for a min , ask you self a question if you take away the obligation of the law what do you see ?
…………………………………………”Do you know what i see” culture, community, fellowship !
this is the detail the religious people of jesus time period didn’t see there is so much beauty to discover when the holy spirit unvails to us .
this is why we need the spirit of Grace because he shows us the deep intention and purposes behind the law, bringing liberty to the body of christ zec 12v10

Grace isn’t Gods back up plan

Grace was always Gods plan for restoring man back in right relationship with himself
what i know to be true is grace is the great reconition of Gods goodness and kindnes that we see everyday, so why do we see Grace as a backup plan when things don’t go right for us?
grace is not designed for sin ,mercy is for sin but Grace is for living the life God desires us to live, so lets reign, Rom 5v17

There is a revelation coming pt2

Why do we sit down when we know some thing needs to be done , I guess the challange is where do we start, well we can start by : wrighting it down !
Then talk about your concerns with others then look deeper in you heart and pray because what we long to change may be a reflection of the work and process We need first !
Governments put in place initiatives that don’t always work, but the hole idea is to see what’s needed, and then work towards it .
The Grace initiative which is about to take off first in London England, is a way of bring culture and community amongst Christians again – Acts 4v37
Great Grace was upon them all no man lacked nothing this was the richness of fellowship community and Grace !

Pt3 is coming soon ………………The “campaign”

There is a revelation coming close to where you are

As the days draw near and the nights are long and hope becomes dim , look for the light of Gods Grace the evidence is all around us, where sin abounds Grace does much more.

The promise in the book of habakkuk says the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the lord as the water covers the sea: hab2v14, this knowledge is not imformation but revelation of Grace the true nature that God desires for all men and women to see.
st John 1v10-11 said he came to his own and his own recieved him not but as many as recieved him he gave !
are you ready to recieve his Grace because all you need to do is recieve it !

The law was given

God gave the law to a lawless people that spent 400 hundred years in slavery who were far from understanding the covernant of promise given to there fore fathers Abraham,issac,and jacob the purpose of the law was to bring this group of people back in fellowship with God and awearness how to approach God .
The law don’t just teach them about right and wrong it shows them what is acceptable with God this is where the revelation of Almighty God comes in knowing we are dealing with a person often we don’t see the person “God” through the law just serverity and punishment .
Moving on from there what iv’e learnt is the law teaches us how to live and to treat each other in a just way !
but the heart beat of the law is culture and community the comon ground that brings us together and accepting each other ,i don’t care how spiritual you are without these dynamics it will be impossible to keep people together.
so from a new testament point of view where does our culture comes from ?
Being clear about our spiritual culture and values will determine if we’ll see victory or defeat in our communities, and if we can stand the test of time.
True life is not in the material but as you know its spiritual and that’s the” Word of God”
So if your lacking this, remember what your really lacking is culture , community and the true substance of life the word of God !

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