Personal quote 4

How do you define a good friend….
do they share a mutual interest with you?

Mutuality do I know my worth…2013 blog post.

11 Responses

  1. Could it be we have become Mutual? the petitioner, James

    • God isn’t finished yet…..
      I’m not agreeing with the petitioner because I know what the will of The Lord is, so I will stand & see the salvation of The Lord if for me and the future a head or a u-turn.

      James if we can’t let go of this life can we really has the life to come?
      Matt 16:25

      • Pj, That is ok I did not make myself clear I was standing with you in agreement on,” the petitioner” and am still standing here today with you in prayer. MY bust in words use. I was so moved by your reply comment to mine, I have been going before the Lord in prayer for you daily so you may remain standing firm. That is all!

      • I am humbled & thankful that some one is standing with me many blessings & great peace to you & everyone you value.

  2. A good friend does not have to share a common interest, but it helps for seeing each other regularly …

    • This is why I like blogging “different perspectives” good point bert.

      • I have this friend that I know for 35 years now, and sometimes we don’t see each other for half a year, and then we visit again monthly or more, but we do not exchange world changing conversations any more. We used to do that till 10 years ago. Now we just enjoy the company while drinking coffee and sitting in the garden … or in winter around a wood stove.

      • That’s fantastic what I see in that relationship is a stage where is not a performance thing which in any earl relationship is the growing stages but this stage you have shared is a mature stage of acceptance that transcends time,phone calls & emails… Is that right
        But mutuality is a unseen spice that make a relationship special…is that right?

      • there is indeed mature acceptance. we talk now about our aging parents, if we talk, and play some music …
        of course there must be mutuality, one sided trafic only lasts some months.
        There is no need to say things, although we often do, but it feels like small talk compared to … our grand adventures of the nineties. There is no need to phone or mail or text, and sometimes we visit unanounced, most often we email …
        we have history together. have chased dreams that now seem alike, but then looked very different.

      • There is a beautiful story in the bible about two men who loved each other by the way it wasn’t referring to a homosexual love but a connection of soul that one would die for the other.
        They pledged that if one died then the other would look after the others family
        So my thoughts of mutuality comes from this story…..king David & Johnathan king Saul’s son.

      • stories are stories. there is always a lesson in stories. but it is true that however unspoken, i would travel thousands of miles if i would be able to help him with one or the other big problem …

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