A very present moment


I can get through this
I will get through this
I am over this

I can face my enemies
I can face my finances
I can face my health processes

I can

I can accept that some relationship may never flourish however there is one relationship that remain eternal

The God who created creation calls me ever so often

Draw nearer

He who created me loves me & believes in me

I also believe in you Peter

I can overcome fear lack rejection because I’m connected to unlimited power

I’m a product of his LOVE the instrument of his peace & an expression of his joy everlasting

A very present moment by :Peter Johnson ┬ęCopyright 2014

Jud 1:24 Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling,
And to present you faultless
Before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy.

They say….

They say….

They say The Lord delights in brokenness, the brokenness of selflessness.

Lo and behold there is another brokenness the result producing shame, the shame after one refuses to listen.

There is a mystery hard to accept & many have heard it before a mystery I’m learning to accept, it’s all about the handiwork of The Lord.

I guess if I limit him I’ll hinder him but now my faith must be in line with this word…

So my question still remains does The Lord fix broken things or simply replace them?

I was told broken repairs still has weaknesses although they seem strong. so is it impossible for The Lord to replace?

What would you prefer a broken repair or a new replacement

Guess what? This is what Jesus did through the work of salvation he replaced the old covenant with a whole new one & a broken family relationship with a whole new one with different boundaries values & expectations.

Don’t accept broken repairs
Ask The Lord for a new one.

An Unnamed philosopher…

They questioned my philosophy because it was different from theirs.

They found fault in my sayings although the young men would sit down & question “thought”

Is it unjust to think out side what is considered politically correct….

Have I sinned by sharing such marvellous wisdom…

Why shouldn’t a man or a women think for themselves or even question?

Here today I stand judged by men, little do they know my life is in the hand of God, who has graciously bestowed such virtue on me.

This virtue guides my learning through conscience Now can you see my intention

What is beautiful?
The human soul or the virtue one possess, hidden or even shared

No longer do people seek new experiences rather they settle & become conformist

My philosophy is thought….Not things in boxes but in continuum’s a process unending

Only that which leads to a virtuous life, governed by wisdom from above.

A great man to be remembered!!

An Unnamed philosopher….

┬ęCopyright 2013 written by:Peter Johnson.

Personal quote 6


Some live in the shadows of religion… while some in the midst of revelation.

“Fellowship is life”

The deception…

Forgiveness is hard to give…. when we forget what we have done to others & even what our forefather has done.

So is the act of forgiveness recognising how much more we need it ourselves?

Luke 23:34

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