What Matters?


Who you are,what you feel, what you think “MATTERS”

1peter 5:7

Why hide?


I can pretend to be positive & even hide my negative feelings but the reality is I’m neither of them!
Because I’ve put it all in writing….

A passion, the key to overcoming a writers block…..

The book

1st chapter , verse 31 from the “book” 20120920-222834.jpg

Education, religion and politics

isn’t the cause of world problems

“EGO” is though & the lack of contribution or distribution toward “human need”

“Less is more”

Building blocks of friendship


Today I don’t want to reduce anything from the Almightiness of our God however my recent experience & relationship with God has changed why?

I guess God does different thing at different times for different reasons for growth, for testimonies & blessing.

The dynamics of my life is changing however the promises of God remains the same as I will declare how faithful he has been in this time of my life.

I would like to do a simple contrast looking at friendship with God & friendship on a human level

The whole point of this is to reflect on the core values of the friendships that we currently value.

Friendship that leads to God

1) appreciation for everything
God isn’t prejudice.

2) A genuine love for righteousness

3) A repentant & forgiving heart

4) A student of Gods wisdom dependent on his understanding.

5) A hospitable attitude accommodating others

6) A union with the Holy Spirit

How can we build a good friendship with people

1) respect in terms of humanity

2) common interest-what do you share

3) genuine interest-valued well being of other-sincere.

4) open interest-willing to learn some thing new or embrace a new perspective

5) Synergy-producing a outcome with others that couldn’t be done alone.

6) knowing the boundary respecting the limits

Any level towards a code of conduct is important in work,friendships and how we manage the issue & difficulties in relationships which I believe truly matters.

•How much are you aware of core values towards your friendships or do you just take people as they come?

•What are you conscious of in your relationship with God,I remember a story how David had the opportunity to kill king Saul & has heart smite him as he heard “touch not my anointed”

Well thanks for stopping by I hope you got something out of it.

Many blessing ~

The battle

Has anyone ever fought for you to defend you?

Who would put there life on the line for your interest or you well being?

Is life often unbearable…well


Exd 14:14 The LORD will fight for you
you need only to be still.

“Fellowship is life”

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