What would it take?

How do you feel now?

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Are we from the same planet?



I was watching Xmen last stand recently, I know its an old film but watching it i learnt something, i realised that the mutants are a metaphor which I related to people who’s arrived at something called consciousness, the level of thought in relation to their existence, the Film was very much based around Jean who destroys Charles xavier the one who sort after and cared very much about the development or evolution of mutants.

The destructive nature of Jean in the film was an emotional in balance of her own guilt, fear or failure which is a reflection of what we face every day as human beings, the only thing that stands between us and her is the context we give our challenges in our lives

I had I negative emotional condition which was a combination of things.
I found out the root was about i wouldn’t allow myself room to make a mistake, i guess a bit of a perfectionist, Well, it’s taken some time for me to unlearn this behaviour. I love reading quotes but this one by winston churchhill’s always inspires me he said: “To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often” trying new ways of doing things is a great challenge because you recognise a different result every time, even looking back on some of my post, i see the mistakes i often make which is teaching me pause and reflect to come back even stronger. Right now am working to a realistic standard but in the light of my relationship with God this allow me to become more accepting of my weakness, knowing there is a lots of room for growth in my life and God can teach me and keep me where I should be dependant on his loving Grace, However I over came those emotions with some reflections and confessions that’s changed my life. A quote I wrote has become a major affirmation in my life, I’ll share it with you one day but the goal is to remain conscious of my humanity which now is solidified with Christ in me the hope of glory. Col1:27

There are so many views on consciousness out there but my view is God or Christ consciousness rather than self consciousness as a life coach I’ve been very careful to keep things in context of my core values and my faith as the bases of my practice but I would say getting into this field has been one of the best things I’ve done for a long time, I can see years a head of myself and with God I’ll achieve not just what I’ve planed but also what God has purposes for me .
Before being exposed to life coaching I never really had a clear knowledge of my emotions and the awareness they had on the way I was behaving. I was always taught about biblical application which is Great but like a car we often need a diagnostics test to identify any problems or any alterations that’s needed, this level of consciousness or awareness is very important then the word of God can aid and restore the needs of the soul
I believe salvation is a guarantee first for the human spirit in relation to God secondly: the soul, mind, will and emotions which are very important and significant knowing God made then with a purpose in mind the only problem is denying then will only lead to sin, rebellion and self deception.

I like the way God gave Cain the brother of abel, the opportunity to make himself accountable when he was angry or jealous with his brother. The his deep sense of denial refused the hand of God before and after he killed his brother, so let’s give real context to our complete being because everything matters to God
Even how you feel right now!

like the mutants in the film, they just wanted to be who were and accepted for what they were.

Could you accept a mutant?

“live life with definition”



Silence isn’t absence more like being present in the moment

Silence is a luxury for some and highly sort after by others

Silence has taught me to know, to accept myself also to value my Creator

Silence is worship, where our imagination visualises our greatest outcomes

Silence is our hidden currency when no one expresses our worth

Silence is in the consciousness of life, living the reality of what Gods said is true

Silence is a blessing , understand the meaning, this is from me to you!

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peace & love, by Pjgracecommunity

“fellowship is life”

Forgive, for they know not what they do!


Hbr 4:15 This High Priest of ours understands our weaknesses, for he faced all of the same testings we do, yet he did not sin.


Hbr 4:16 So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.

To enjoy the kingdom , just let it go!



I need power says “the human soul”, power for what ? to rule and control one another, to enslave people against there own will with your technology, to dictate some ones future ,No this is not power , power is the ablity to control one self to prevent calamity and self destruction
Power is the ablity to improve one self by looking and understanding the need for change, but it’s God through his Grace that makes the changes !
Real power is when we come in agreement with “powers” intended purpose facilitating or asisting us to complete the purpose of power !

God gave Jesus power to bring tweleve
Men together from diferent back grounds, also the power to lay down his own life , the power to make incomplete men complete ! This is the true balance of spiritual power ! Jhn 17:22-23

By: pjgracecommunity

“Fellowship is life”

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