They say….

They say….

They say The Lord delights in brokenness, the brokenness of selflessness.

Lo and behold there is another brokenness the result producing shame, the shame after one refuses to listen.

There is a mystery hard to accept & many have heard it before a mystery I’m learning to accept, it’s all about the handiwork of The Lord.

I guess if I limit him I’ll hinder him but now my faith must be in line with this word…

So my question still remains does The Lord fix broken things or simply replace them?

I was told broken repairs still has weaknesses although they seem strong. so is it impossible for The Lord to replace?

What would you prefer a broken repair or a new replacement

Guess what? This is what Jesus did through the work of salvation he replaced the old covenant with a whole new one & a broken family relationship with a whole new one with different boundaries values & expectations.

Don’t accept broken repairs
Ask The Lord for a new one.

5 Responses

  1. PJ, I have missed you so much! Love your questions! I love the that my old broken selfish heart has been replace anew! I do not mind being a broken vessel with cracks that leaks out the love of Christ with whom all it touches. I know not the answer you were looking for, just me playing with words. I understand exactly what you are saying and agree with you. Hope I made you laugh or at least smile! 🙂 Love you my brother God Bless, James

    • Great to hear your response james and your loving support. Everyone would have a different view on this & that’s ok
      The reality is that its “The Lord”
      Who works & I’m simply grateful as my words fails me before him.
      I don’t know if I’ll be blog for a while,
      I just felt lead but its always great to catch up with you, grace & peace to you sir.

  2. You’ve been quiet for a long time. Hope all is well!

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