The deception…

Forgiveness is hard to give…. when we forget what we have done to others & even what our forefather has done.

So is the act of forgiveness recognising how much more we need it ourselves?

Luke 23:34


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  1. Great and condensed post!

    Forgiveness is a release from the past for both parties involved. I understand that there are acts that we are not capable of to forgive in this life. In that case it is like the ‘victim’ declares unilateral freedom for himself but not for the perpetrator.
    From a psychological perspective this is OK.
    From a spiritual perspective, this revenge-like bond to the perpetrator keeps you un-free. If we grow spiritually, forgiveness becomes unavoidable.

    From Jezus we can only expect the highest.

    • That’s right, “a release for both parties”
      However it take one man or one women to do it…

      I guess we have to start from the bottom & make our way up to the place called perfect harmony… like Maslow there is a theory that states that forgiveness start from an acknowledgement – confession – seeking reconciliation onto harmony

      This journey is frightening to any recovering Soul unfortunately many wouldn’t find it however Jesus has shown us the way & the best way to do it.
      History has painted a picture we can all learn from however its The Father the Author who makes it possible for us.

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