The book

1st chapter , verse 31 from the “book” 20120920-222834.jpg

Education, religion and politics

isn’t the cause of world problems

“EGO” is though & the lack of contribution or distribution toward “human need”

“Less is more”


4 Responses

  1. Difficult to swallow. We need to grow past ego, but we will always need it to function on earth.
    How can we not identify with mind? If we do not we will identify with emotion and become a narcissist toddler with tantrums and the like.
    Growing past that and you become a conformist and you identify with mind, with ego. No post conformist without ego, no post modernist without ego, only after that ego starts becoming less important and we can choose not to identify with mind. Only when we realize the nature of mind can we see past it. How many post-modernists do you have in your circle of friends?

    • Not many bert, apart from the bloggers I follow, however I love the views & thoughts of thinkers with or without EGO as you said without it we’ll be imbalanced but i like to reflect to find context for new & old concepts especially social structures

      There is a unique place in the human soul a function that different people might call it different things however it transcend “mind” also “Emotion”
      It’s effected by pass events shaped by nurture
      redeemed by the Author of it
      to regenerate consciousness forever not just doses in a moment but the an eternal concept…like the air we breath.

      • A couple of thoughts;
        Ego is a very difficult concept and many individuals have different ideas and connotations about it.
        Theory is good, after you got half the practice.
        Ego is theory. So are levels of personal evolution.
        I try to find practical approaches to spiritual problems, not unlike what I have done in teaching IT in the past 20 years.
        I like your site, your ideas, and I like these colourful discussions.

      • This is what I’ve been waiting for all these years blogging

        Thanks bert.

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