Friend of God


Friendship takes on a whole new & different meaning when we look at the context or the dynamics of a functioning relationship.

What is so amazing through the Abrahamic journey God calls Abraham a friend of God because he considered Almighty God trustworthy & faithful as the lord said ” can I hid this thing from my servant Abraham” Gen 18:17-19

Abraham was given a trust from God through the knowledge disclosed to him The intention of The Lord towards sodom.
Abraham knew, not all were unrighteous in sodom as he prayed sincerely.

Gen 18:23 Then Abraham approached The Lord and said: “Will you sweep away the righteous with the wicked?

Does Abraham challenge Gods justice contrasting the righteous & the wicked?

What do you see about Abraham’s heart?

We often believe the power of prayer or intercession comes through labouring alone but let it be known that our real intention through prayer will determine the outcome.
Compassion with some level of understanding can be a spring board to hear also see prayers answered.

•What five things would you use as basis to building a friendship with God or others

•How did Jesus go about building friendship with those who followed his example

I guess I’ll leave this for another post.

Are you a friend of God?


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