Mamre was considered a good place, The place where Abraham & Sarah settled.
Mamre means “strength or fatness” could this be significant to Abrahams maturity with The Lord?
The mistake Abraham made in the early stages of his journey was about him moving on before the time, from the location The Lord showed him.

Mamre was a significant place in abraham’s journey after an encounter with God confirmed by covenant the result of his new found stability & friendship with God.

However being settled, not just in a geographical sense but in relationship with God is a great place to be.

Every place Abraham stop at was a reflection of his relational intervals with The Lord.

•Shechem the plain of Moreh = teacher

•Bethel = house of God

•Hebron = association

•Mamre = strength, fatness

This story in Gen 18 about the visitation and the fact that Abraham was more than willing to be of service to the three man show how receptive Abraham was as he received the knowledge about his offspring yet to be born this time next year.

Being settled in our heart knowing what we believe & value is the a great basis to be of service to others

The blessings of God doesn’t remain internally rather should reflect the goodness of God all around us as we engage in very facet of life.

Apart from Abrahams willingness to serve what else do you think stand out here?
Abraham discernment toward The Lord
wasn’t vague as he respond to his arrival saying “My Lord” After Abraham & Sarah his wife was informed about their son to be born one year from this time.
As the men departed only two had left but Abraham remain before The Lord as Abraham ponded carefully knowing his wife laughed being cynical.
Gen 18:22 Sarah’s response was a reflection how she considered herself in her old age while Abraham counted him faithfully who promised

In conclusion

What I want to take away from this story is the connection between faith & a servant heart. Serving shouldn’t be about recognition onto importance rather what we resonate out a life giving relationship with The Lord.

“Freely have you received so freely give”

“Fellowship is life”


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