Define your world


There is a world deep down in my head, a world no one can enter unless you understand my cognitive processor.I wouldn’t consider myself special but simply different.

My constitution is a combination between the spiritual law of life in Christ in relation to the regeneration I’ve experience through the gate way of thought.

Thought is a process in need of context other wise we’ll have to call it temptation….

Even a lie has some level of truth….so,what process is needed?

Any conflict is first spiritual no matter who you see or have to face every day…conflict is spiritual.

Ego ,the false self, will lie in order to console the elusion we often believe however being present in the moment would always seem to strip me to see my real self.

Jesus said regards to worrying “don’t take the thought”

My enemy is those external idea’s imposing on the realm of the spirit & the kingdom of God within my life.

So, define your world or those idea’s will…

©Copyright 2013 written by:Peter Johnson.


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