Shake the dust of your feet

Are you offended by words or other peoples actions, do you feel a bitter sweet taste in your mouth…

What does it mean to “shake the dust of your feet”

Jesus said : if they don’t receive you shake the dust of you feet & go to another town…

In that culture, when Jesus spoke it signified an uncleanness in regards to the gentile people and their way of life

So now, what does it mean to you and me to day

Well, not everyone will warm to your massage, the bible said many will be offended and betray one another…

That dust is the contempt they have for you trying to discredit your mission & your understanding

So shake the dust of you feet my brother & my sister and know who’s you are

Be unique your special in the eye of your creator .

On your journey let no one stop you, whosoever receives you let your peace remain there, he said

Otherwise shake the dust off you feet….

Inspired by Luke 10:1-19

©Copyright 2013 written by:Peter Johnson.


4 Responses

  1. PJ, Let me count the times I wanted to shake the dust off and go to another town. But just about that time I find one more lost lamb caught in the thorns. I only find one lamb at a time, how about you? Great work with passage May the Father keep filling you with His wisdom, Amen.

    • I guess Jesus was setting the ground for mission for his disciples.
      For me James being strategic in what i do is very important ” he that win a soul is wise” as I learn from a greater example.

      Peaceful relationships are very much a good place for the message of Christ to grow just as it did in Acts.

  2. Could it not mean to not keep the cold reception as a bad memory in your heart, so whenever another encounter with the same audience is occurring, no heart feelings might interfere as a consequence o the earlier meeting?
    Or did you just say exactly that, but in different words?

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