Diary of a man trying to love his wife….


There’s a combination that sum up what love is or making love is…

Ingredients of mutuality common interest & the integrity of trust.

Am I willing to listen to her words beyond sounds that echo’s yet expressed….uhmm the sensation

Feelings beating anxieties biting trying to synchronise anticipating what your saying….

I’m not here to advise you show you rather to flow with you harmonising as the wind flowing

Making love isn’t when two people consent to lying down holding & touching each other rather when words are exchanged entwined smoothly like red wine caressing the back of the throat…..

Maybe the absence dinning you caused love to fade….

No conversation no attention exhausted

Concealing the outcome as my soul reaches out yet my fist beats the air

so where is my love…

The journey continues….

Diary of a man trying to love is wife …©Copyright 2013 written by:Peter Johnson.


2 Responses

  1. If love can forget the past, and silence is on your mouth, love will do the rest …

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