Sharing the moment


I guess all i have is this moment, thinking reflecting considering where i could be, sensing what’s best for me.

Writing to you is my journey not that i’m trying to convince myself of anything as I’m sure about what matters the most.

I feel like I’m in another world right now, full of words written, suspended as i exhale…being present in the moment awakens a great sense of consciousness as worries and cares fades away, for at lease these moments.

I’ve touched levels of spirituality I’ve never known connected although in person my ways are still imperfect i guess that’s where Your grace comes in.

Our worlds revolve around what we love & the pleasure of those comforts, Often what i value is a mystery a heart hidden secret not intentionally but as life passes by…
i know as i’m also known so i can be free to proclaim.

In my faintest moments I see a blessing as I touch the unseen, the eternal, the spiritual energy of love,not just the affection for another human being rather the source a reality some haven’t yet discovered.

I have always felt I have a mission to fulfil but my life doesn’t consist of me alone however finding the balance is a challenge for me, for you, you’ve sacrifice everything for the world which no one could fault or criticise.

Again the journey continues…
Conversations with God.

©Copyright 2013 written by:Peter Johnson.


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