Hi there to whoever is reading this.
I often like to write based on my life experiences and new found insights on any level of life,faith and Personal development especially how these experience can relate to others.
Yesterday a post really open me up to look deep into my soul,the subject matter was about love… from an emotional or an action point of view, this subject is vast beyond human comprehension, I guess through any discussion every point would be valid as we know in part and speak with our own part.

Is love an emotion :Whoisbert.wordpress.com

Like any subject there are many definitions however for me personally speaking from my part…the tangible realities of any truths would only validate what I believe to be true.

This subject of Spirituality takes on different forms, depending on one’s background and schooling. Spirituality first is immaterial taking the form in values morals and personal conviction rooted in love and expressed through our daily lives.

If this definition is the surface then there must be other levels of spirituality, levels consisting of realities beyond values

What other levels might there be : The essence of eternal life, love, peace and relationships.

If relationships are spiritual here on earth might there be an ultimate relationship for mankind to access?
“The source of all relationships”

Spirituality teaches me that I’m not the some total of my existence I’m the by product of an unlimited source birthed to discover the light that represent life in its fullness, may be the ultimate relationship.

Religion help to find a connection but the connect must transcend systems of belief into vertical and horizontal relationship which should be expresses at different levels of spirituality which become evident in a relational sense.

In conclusion

What level relating to spirituality do you now find yourself?
This isn’t a subject of debate.
Whatever level or definition you hold never let it go however just remember other levels exist beyond our knowledge & imagination.

Eph 3:19 And to know this love that surpasses knowledge that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God….

“Fellowship is life”


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