The object of my affection…


I saw you standing, leaning against my weak temptation

Did I miss the mark ~ aiming…

Loving things is a distraction,
When loving should be the produce of being loved, fulfilling

Why am i so cold, its not me, who am I feeling…

They say, spiritually, we often carry each other, unknown yet to discover

Today i been exposed to a love… I’ve never known empty of fear, fault and failure

No longer the accused, by a loving experience for…ever

Can love be known through being hated, disliked, unappreciated

Well, love first must be internal, personal, after to hear the echoe’s of laughter resounding….

Lord i asked, then you made me whole
I asked again, then you called me beloved

If I ask you for a change of mind you will reframed the object of my affection towards you, now I have a better understanding towards your love

©Copyright 2013 written by:Peter Johnson.

I’m on a sabbatical when it come to blogging but I couldn’t resist to write this poem for valentines day as love is known & described from different points of view. My new encounter within my relationship with God has been so profound, I’ve found an assurance in this life no one could ever give.

Thank you Lord.

May your love experience always be a life changing encounter knowing who is the source of eternal & lasting love


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