How would you describe yourself…


If you would describe yourself in few words what would you say

well, for me ~ I’m not trying to be political neither am I seeking to address controversial matters..

More so, i’m passionate about development & growth.

After all, what are we going to take into eternal life, our views, our opinions or simply, our character….

fellowship is life & a great basis of learning.

10 Responses

  1. Would you like to pray with me right Now?
    Is who my habit has become!

    • Hi James, the time different between us is six to eight hours, so when I post it’s more or less my bed time & i guess for you your having dinner or coming home from work,
      Now I’ve just woke up ~ yes I’ll be glad to pray….

      Coming from a dyslexic back ground my mind works very much on the right hand side but it process things from the left, i guess different people will enjoy some thing different things when I write
      I’m not special just a major work in progress.

      May all my weakness Glorify God even dyslexia. Amen!!!

  2. I’m God’s work in progress…is how I would describe me…

    • Thanks for you for taking this time to comment, in scripture Jesus often asked people questions & the questions were personal to the recipient.

      I don’t want to go on and on..

      But some followers of Jesus misunderstood his mission, so his questions served a great purpose for one to check one’s cause or motive

      Reading the bible is good like prayer
      But when we ask ourselves important questions the soul will respond “eventually in a honest way” ~ and you responded that way.

      Growth should be considered beyond just developing faith as we are a whole person and that matters so God will be glorified.

      Thanks for your comment


  3. I am happy that you are speaking about bible and Jesus Christ! in this miserable days another are humanity’s purpose and attentions!

    • Thanks for your comment, we live in a communication age where people are still missing the point reminds me when Jesus spoke to the Pharisees about the “sabbath”

      I guess listening with love makes a difference.

      Thank you my brother for the visit.

      God bless.

  4. I would describe my self as driven, a person with hope, dreamer, romantic, shy likes to help people a person with a big heart, strong willed, stubborn but understanding and willing to listen even if it wont favor me.

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