A friend has past away…


My friend had past away ~

Forever to be remembered

He rises ~

Like the freshness ~ in the air

Early on a bright winter morning

He sets out to work, he puts on his baseball cap and his puffer jacket, as he shuts the door

He says, bye….

One thing I know for sure, he wanted to prove to himself

I can do it

Even ~ work, family or friends

Ask for a favour, would he deny?

No one ~

What time are you coming

I’ll be there for sure, even if I’m late

I wouldn’t let you down

How much will you charge

We’ll discuss that later


Today a friend has past away

I wish ~ I was stronger

May be its my personal failure
What we all could of achieved together

Transcending what one

Yes, one can offer…

We say a little ~ isn’t much

Well, add them together

Would life then become even better ~
because we have each other

They say “united we stand and divided we fall”

Today we stand

In remembrance of a friend
Forever ~

©Copyright 2013 written by:Peter Johnson.

My heart & prayers goes out to the family of my friend who died, leaving his love ones behind grant them lord your Grace & your Peace to face every day…..


8 Responses

  1. Peter, your poem is a soothing tribute to your friend and all whom he knew. Your words danced from your heart’s spirit and I am sure that he smiled while reading your gift! Great poem, so sad for your loss, but it is such a complete gain…with eternal life being such a great reward! Much love to you dear brother and God bless!

    • The family being Muslim allowed me a few times to pray over him, bless them
      When he was well I spoke to him about Jesus but only God know if he is saved or not but my love for him was from God ~ thanks wendell as I need the encouragement & I’m glad to have meet you, many blessings


  2. These are lovely words for a kind friend. Jesus is our kind Friend and He will have called him to himself as earnestly as possible while respecting freewill. We can trust our Lord with those we have prayed for. May He comfort you and give you great peace.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. It brings tears to my eyes when I read it . Its so true. He was my world and my rock and my best friend and A farther to my son . I miss him and love him soo much why do the good one have to go its not fair . He will be missed. And he will allways stay in are hearts . Thank you for writting the poem he would off like it.

  4. May he be blessed by such a good friend as you, as much in his afterlife, as he was in this life here on earth.

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