A friend has past away…


My friend had past away ~

Forever to be remembered

He rises ~

Like the freshness ~ in the air

Early on a bright winter morning

He sets out to work, he puts on his baseball cap and his puffer jacket, as he shuts the door

He says, bye….

One thing I know for sure, he wanted to prove to himself

I can do it

Even ~ work, family or friends

Ask for a favour, would he deny?

No one ~

What time are you coming

I’ll be there for sure, even if I’m late

I wouldn’t let you down

How much will you charge

We’ll discuss that later


Today a friend has past away

I wish ~ I was stronger

May be its my personal failure
What we all could of achieved together

Transcending what one

Yes, one can offer…

We say a little ~ isn’t much

Well, add them together

Would life then become even better ~
because we have each other

They say “united we stand and divided we fall”

Today we stand

In remembrance of a friend
Forever ~

┬ęCopyright 2013 written by:Peter Johnson.

My heart & prayers goes out to the family of my friend who died, leaving his love ones behind grant them lord your Grace & your Peace to face every day…..

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