What do we learn from the mistakes from those we love…


Abrahamic journey: Pt6
Genesis chapter 16

After ten years dwelling in the land Abram’s wife told him the only way forward in terms of conceiving a child would be through their female servant Hagar.

I can imagine patients become slim for this wealthy couple with no child no offspring to inherit the land which The Lord God had promise them

This decision Sarah made relating to the maid servant wasn’t a God send rather a major mistake we recognise to this present day between Israel and the Arab world.

Reading this story what do I learn?

While faith is an expression of believing faith also demands the need to wait.
Waiting isn’t passive but can be very active.
There are many way to stay active, one way for me is to stay connected to my passions activities, personal interest especially feeding the bond of fellowship with The Lord

This year I have many major decisions to make & this story helps my journey, so this message is first for me & my journal.

Another thing i empathise about this story is the whole thing about family a very important issue secondary to or faith in God, however judging the decisions of those around us would be very unwise if we ain’t facing the situation ourselves.

I Guess it very easy to say the bible says” although the bible is true.
One thing I’ve learnt is how important it is to help people think objectively in their situation then prescribing a biblical answer will be easily received as no one wants to feel any one is preaching down at them.

In conclusion

What seems so sad in this story was the fact about the decision making.
Abram’s wife made the decision which wasn’t the result of a dialogue, it was more of a instruction to him.
The best decision are birthed through prayer, reflection and discussion & when we ain’t sure ~ just wait.

What do we learn from the mistakes from those we love

From the: 2013 journal

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