I’ll make a note of my experiences, 2013 journal…


I had a sudden realisation towards the end of last year which has changed my view about writing. I wonder if you can relate to this point…

Have you wrote something before which has appeared to be the answer to your need or the direction you know you need to take?

Well this epiphany or realisation was inspired by the Holy Spirit as I believe God knows every thing that I need & what decisions I need to make.

I remember an experience while I was
going through a turbulent time however i decided to go I for a short drive and then I wrote clearly how I felt, afterward reading what I wrote I felt a great sense of resolve & healing.
I believe what I did gave room for God to reach my emotions and my deepest thoughts.

Since then my daily journal has been a pool of great inspiration to write poems
and subject matters that often goes against the grain of some common thoughts.

Like the father of our faith Abraham who’s life’s experience help’s me to journey discovering my purpose as I’m growing.
I’m clear minded to know that knowledge is just knowing but the virtues of any learning or knowledge should be evident in character.

In conclusion

The beauty in any person remains at the centre of ones core values but the truth we hold means nothing if we don’t experience the virtue of what we believe to be true …..

I’ll make a note of my experiences “My Journal” ~ many blessings for 2013

7 Responses

  1. Peter, I believe I understand what you are saying It has gotten late and my thoughts have turned to pudding will be back. Nothing like an ADD dyslexic pudding reading and writing!

  2. Amen Pj!!! Amen! Many, many blessings to you…Robin

  3. So very well said and shared, and so beautifully delivered! Blessings!

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