A New Year, Isn’t A New Beginning…


Why am I forced to believe
when I’m sceptical….

Is this year really new?

They say…

Who’s they?

Some would wish it was N.E.W.
To forget all that went bad or more like what possibilities I didn’t enjoy.

The reality is life’s a continuation of the past….if I like it or not!

What matters to me is the skills the tools in my possession to face myself, family, the world & my maker, the one who knows me better than i know myself, as his plans are like mine

A continuation ……


7 Responses

  1. Great post!!! A continuation. Love it.

  2. and, and, and…………….
    I was asked what is the sequel to, “The Son Off the Edge”?
    Good Work PJ!

  3. Very thought provoking….and your right! Thank you for sharing and many, many blessings to you….Robin

    • Many blessing to you for 2013
      I look forward to see how The Lord uses that gift of prophecy in you life & the gift of interpretation.


      • Thank you and may God continue to rain an abundance of blessings upon you and your family. Stay in Grace and many, many blessings to you in 2013….

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