Abrahamic journey , PT1


Abraham’s journey has helped me throughout my years journeying spiritually in Christ.
The lord has taught me a lot considering where i’m coming from my experience through Gods word has been the catalyst for knowing the lord better. However the knowledge of the truth brings me joy to be able to share my experience also appreciate your to.

I Hope together we can comprehend the deep truths walking together with God ~ as the life of Abraham helps us along our own journey…

Gen 12:1 The LORD had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.

As Abram responded to the commission by God not knowing where he was going sounds quite challenging to me However I believe his disposition was inclined to Gods instructions as abram was a searcher of the stars inquisitive about the divine…

Verse 2,3 give us an amazing picture how God initiates the relationship between himself and Abram, offering the promise to his seed and the land that the lord would “show him”

Note the fact that the lord said a land that he would “show him”

Meaning Abrams would have to discern the place . When you take a closer look at the story God is amazing how he works with Abram, which is a reflection how he works with us or through us. I find the faith journey of Abraham often isn’t explained in context of the full story ~ understand that all the events or stages in Abram faith walk was a build up to the great faith Abraham responds to God as we see in the latter part of the story “Gen22

Key points
• the lord spoke to Abram (verbal)
• when the lord appeared he shows Abram the place ( visual )
which he very much believed as he followed the lord

Abram’s experience became a landmark for him to remember the promises of God as he built an altar of worship to mark his experience

Do you have a land mark of Gods promise or a great learning curve in your life?

“Life’s journey learning”


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