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The mystery of inspiration ~ is a mystery….

I’ve just relocated in terms of work unfortunately the transition has effected my flow & my inspiration to write…What effects your inspiration ~ Most of all what helps you to get back in the flow?

What I’ve learnt is Inspiration is a state of being.
Stress or unhappiness will effect my creative inspiration.

Contentment ~ isn’t a material thing it’s spiritual for me ~ inner peace is a great platform for inspiration on the other hand hardship can brings out something inspiring ~ evident in some people’s Poetry or Writing

Understand what inspires you…

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Make your mark & Live life with definition ~


4 Responses

  1. I find it interesting that you say contentment drives your inspiration. I am the opposite, you see, in that all my writing comes from dark. Good post.

  2. Inspiration came to me in my past life, the life I died to,through drugs. Dark dark writings off the wall sad writing.
    Today my poems come out of prayer, others my past life walking with Christ and has been through the Holy Spirit impressing upon me this is what needs to be told today. I have found for myself it is OK if nothing is coming to mind to write, for these are the times the Holy Spirit wants me to be still and sit in His presence. During one of these times He reminded me I have no set deadline it is for the Glory of Jesus I have been given the gift to write. Stop forcing yourself to be inspired enjoy the gift for all good gifts come from God just as the inspiration.
    Love you my little brother in Christ, James

    • Thanks James great testimony as you said God is the source of all inspiration

      But not every body believe in God…
      This post is to reach out James.

      This is the massage that came to me
      If you never write something different you would never reach some one different to read your blog ~ if you never say some thing different you’ll never touch some one different ~ So speak in a language that others can understand not just to christians but the world …lol

      Always love your comments James my big brother.

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