What is the beatitude


What is the beatitude

The beatitude is the sermon on the mount delivered and taught by Jesus to those who would become citizens of this new order called the kingdom of God.

The word beatitude in Latin means “blessedness”

A state of being more than happy possessing a sense of divine joy & well being.

The principles within the teachings of the beatitude are current ~ meaning we can experience them now.
These blessings are according to our present disposition

What qualifies us towards this enjoyment ~ our attitude

These are the qualities of kingdom living….

Poor in spirit ~ humility

Mourn ~ repentance

Meek ~ self controlled

Hunger for righteousness – what’s good in the sight of God

Pure in heart ~ right intentions

Merciful ~ having compassion on others

Peacemakers ~ true sons of God.

The Persecuted ~ will be rewarded in the after life…

The contrast between the law of commandments and the beatitudes is this ~ the law of commandments deals with the actions of a person ~ the principles of the kingdom deals with our intentions.

If a person gives more attention to the issues of heart where intention derive from then the risk of acting out of character would be less likely

Rom 14:17 For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit,

In conclusion

The kingdom is for our enjoyment so we can serve one another with love and respect the higher order towards the God who established this Glorious kingdom by his son Jesus Christ.

The culture of the kingdom helps us to reconsider every day issues like values, giving, fasting, prayer, worrying, possession, hatred & anger, conflict, lust & adultery
And the list goes on….

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blessedness knowing your right in this new order “called the kingdom of God”

“Fellowship is life”


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  1. Beatitude is a synonym to my son’s name Benison which means a blessing (especially a a spoken blessing) from French and Latin sources.

    Peace brethren, your moving forward with strength and growing in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!!!

    • That’s great to here your son is a blessing by name…as I saw how quick he is with his hands and feet ~ I believe that’s a reflection of the spiritual man in him and your investment pro 22:9

      The bible says to him that has ~ more will be given if the intention is to share but selfishness leads to “rottenness”
      So the beatitudes is about the blessedness when we serve share and walk in love….

      • Yes Brother, Ben’s hands & feet speed are incredible. He goes through roughly 7 pints of milk a week. Calcium intake is high! Training with a club that teaches and competes on a world champion level, with many of their students achieving gold and silver. His favourite sport is sprinting and then boxing followed by football. He got scouted by a local team because of how quick he can move. He is agile with very good coordination.
        At the moment he has mastered all of the boxing defence moves, and in two years he can compete in the (ABA) amateur Boxing association for his school. Thanks to god we can do things and give testimony of the lords. Power, and I mean grace, because grace is one of gods invincible powers! Peace and god bless you and the fam!

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    Amen !

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