Communicate to connect

This is one humorous videos that brings the message home!

communication is a art that consist of many important key points like ~ active listening a objective Frames of reference
Empathy ~ being non judgemental, confidential, Trust and Understanding in a broad sense….

John Maxwell’s principle of Communicating to connect is a matter of learning the different styles of effective communication to be better and to become better…. Managing our daily relationships.

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10 Responses

  1. Well said brethren, and communication is a recipricol process expressing a mutual agreement. Ready and willing to talk and impart information.

    (James 1:26)
    If anyone considers himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless.


    • Brother I read a lot of Christian blogs and a few of them still haven’t arrived at this point yet james 1:26-27 the slander against other believer and political leader is disgusting cultural Christianity is dangerous especially when there is no signs of virtue in their messages, God help us and send real “prophets”

      Thanks brother Sean I look forward to you blog


      • Very true Brethren, communication can be used undo many ways as a means to influence, teach, instruct, mentor and coach.
        Same tool with different objectives/goals.

        God bless you and your family!

      • Crucially the more people communicate the more knowledgeable they will become because communication is an act of sharing.
        Look at prayer for example, we need that communion with our Lord.
        (Acts 7:55-60)
        Lord Jesus receive my spirit.

      • True that’s right Sean

        The great William Morris said or quoted

        “Fellowship is life” & the absence of it is death ~ so communication is key

        In the Greek the word communicate means to ~ share heb 13:16

  2. That was nice Bro keep up the good work

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I love John Maxwell’s books. He is a fabulous resource!

    God bless you for the work you are doing!

    • Thanks for the visit, I must check out your blog. Yes John’s material is amazing but what I like is your can’t build anything accept you start from the CORE.

      Core values… Has been a great starting point for me. God bless you

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