Are writers lonely people?


I love life

I love family

I love God ~

I love worship

I love writing


If my soul is affected ~ I’ll stop

Loving ~ liking hmm…

Even writing ~


What profit is a lonely writer

Without ~ love ~ life ~ living

Friends ~ friendship even laughter…


balance…The art

Can I…


The price of a writer is a ~ price

Can I afford it ~

I have a family ~ a life ~ a love

..This is the price of writing… as a writer..

©Copyright 2012 written by:Peter Johnson.

9 Responses

  1. What is the price to take up my cross and follow Him that died for me?
    Is the Price anything that I could Love more than He?
    Is the price to give up fame and glory?
    Is the price to give up my life?
    How may my soul be saved?

    • Yes James there is a price for everything in life and we must count the cost if it’s writing, following Jesus starting a new career or a decision to get married , yes the decision to follow Jesus is a daily one but I write about everything I’m passionate about, if it’s writing ~ life coaching or my great love for biblical truth in context and the greatest discovery of my christian walk, the amazing GRACE of GOD….

      What are you passionate about James
      I would love to feel your heart, my big brother…


      • My passion are many, From the least to the greatest on this day:
        To embrace every man I meet and go with them into the Throne Room of God in prayer.
        To share the Love of Jesus Christ to all,
        To pray with and for all those who are over the edge,
        That the Holy Spirit so invades my life that the will of James becomes the will of Christ
        My life is so surrendered to Jesus the world no longer see james, But Christ in him.
        To love God with all my heart, soul, and mind.

      • Sound great and also a great example
        Rom 12:3 says every man’s gift is different according to the GRACE given
        And we shouldn’t think of ourselves more than we should but soberly as God has given his Grace, so I consider you great before the lord irrespective of your work as works doesn’t make the man but the work of Christ.
        I believer my life is serving its purpose and I lack no conviction as the passions in my heart makes me and many smile

        We are bless James ~

  2. Peter, Your poem is great, for it stirred up questions. Please do not fear my questions for any question I ask is always of myself first and may have nothing to do with any other person. Your question about my passion was an act of love I most gladly welcome one I ask each day. I pray for you each day that our Lord shall give you wisdom beyond your years, to keep His hand upon you so no evil shall overtake you, and boldness as you speak the truth. Till the day My little brother we shall worship Him face to face some day. AMEN!

    • This is way I love your comments James and your question its very healthy and constructive. My blog is an open book of my values and belief. I can’t hide or wouldn’t hide behind words or a Godly impression I’m 41 years old I’ve played the church games!! and surely moved on from the hurt & pains to know the God that saved me my family and my sanity.
      I’m glad to know you liked the poem….
      And support me in prayer as I need it
      God bless you James.

  3. I’m not a lonely person, but i like it when i have time to be alone.

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