The struggles of family life

The reason I started this blog was to share this amazing insights of Gods Grace and all the experiences of identifying this wonderful work of God In my life.
After a traumatic family breakdown the lord showed me how rigid I was and all the pressure I placed on my family in regards to spiritual matters I was like a Pharisee, unapproachable and obnoxious •My story my brokenness

Now I’ve been reformed by the Grace of God not to be hard with myself, also with others 1) give people room to be themselves 2) its ok to disagree with my theological beliefs
2) its important for me to see people as people not saved or unsaved, believers and unbeliever

So this blog shows no preference to any groups of people just the freedom to share a God centred message in its content and values that all human beings can relate to.

“Fellowship is life”

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