A woman’s appearance is a like a flower that blossom in its season…

A man perception of himself if healthy should radiate a warmth beyond his ego.

A woman’s beauty can be overwhelmingly attractive…

But if her values doesn’t measure up to her beauty, everything is brought into question…

If a man constantly stumbles in his mind towards his decision making, then his maturity is highly questionable, like a puff of smoke…

If a man or woman has an encounter with God, will it not cause one to look inside themselves to see how wonderfully and beautifully they were made. psalm 139:14

©Copyright 2012 written by:Peter Johnson.


5 Responses

  1. Proverbs 31:30; “Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing,
    But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.”
    Many a year has gone by,
    on a day a young beautiful woman walked
    down a pathway to be my wife
    Many days have passed
    Good times and Hard times
    come and go
    and yet when I look upon her
    I only see that beautiful young woman
    Who walked that path.
    Thank-you Jesus for picking my wife.

  2. […] beauty in any person remains at the centre of ones core values but the truth we hold means nothing if we […]

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