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Over the pass few months I’ve gained more experience in the field of life coaching working on one to one with clients. The impact of this work is shaping me in many ways especially to look at my own life’s journey. I enjoy my development as much as i like helping others achieve theirs. Setting goal weekly and working towards them has been great! Not for the outcome alone but to develop behavioural flexibly and self discipline.

Mental focus is a major factor of our lives, as a child i was encouraged to cultivate some hobbies & interest which I didn’t realise as a boy the purpose behind it was personal development based. How much more should I define my interest as a adult.

Being specific helps me to see my desired out come which is to “Make History” by the in print of those core value i draw from the life of christ and many people in history who has changed the shape of religion education and civil rights. My goal’s creates peace of mind and a healthy perspective toward what’s different and who’s different. I want to use my life experience as a platform to relate and inspire others from the point of core values that serves the broader sense of life.

I’m very patient at this time in my life, knowing what I want will take time but as they say
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

We are still working on our program in regards to group sessions life coaching but one to one is in motion. In contrast to coaching I really enjoy blogging, it’s amazing for different reasons but i’m so grateful that I can “Make history” every day like this. One day a generation would look at my life’s journey, yours to, as a testimony to shape the decision they will make. As they say charity must starts at home…
As I’m writing i guess some one is smiling, I’m ready to sing, praise you Lord

To love is a blessing, to know the author of love is breath taking….to serve from God’s love is a privilege!
“thank you lord for loving me”

Its great to read your post as i respect the thoughts, passion and life experiences and biblical convictions that goes into your work though blogging which I’ve been greatly inspired by many writer who has helped me to improve.
Life coaching has taught me to leave my prejudice aside, no matter how strong my beliefs are never forget the core to respect another human being even if we disagree with •Doctrines
belief or •Culture

I want to thank a blogger who left a comment in my about , wishing me success in my coaching business but mostly what you said has change the whole direction, because as a business it can bring honour to the kingdom of Christ. Now it doesn’t seem like business more like ministry.

John maxwell “value” based motivational book

” Each one teach one ”
you’ve all taught me something bless…

by: Pjgracecommunity

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