My weakness


Is it what I have learnt…

The way I was raised

The books I’ve read ?

The things I now believed through those I’ve listen to…

so what do you believe now, I’ve heard that statement before…

Yea well…

I’m not sure any more, this weakness seems to cloud my judgements…

So…they thought it was just a game…


What has life’s journey taught you?


Don’t harm no one
Be respectful to other
Be honest
Trust in the lord Before trusting anyone
Forgive when I’m hurting
Blame no one for anything ,life’s a journey…

Hmm…. I think that it.


When you don’t know what you believe in any more, think how you want to be treated

Then you’ll discover “core values”

“Core values” of what you believe in, will elevate you when everyone lets you down!

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