Pt2..What is frustration..


Every experience is a journey of discovery, understanding the souls greater mystery ~
behind frustration..

Did I inherit it…

or simply accepted it out of ignorance

feeling inhibited though…

No expression ~ what’s happening



Longing to share

My story....


What would I be doing right now?

Hm..creating, making even encouraging

My self ~

Exercising breathing

Even praying

Oh yea....

Enjoying ~

Gods gift..this moment!!

Okay ~

“Can I ask you a question”

What hinders people living out of their deepest convictions of faith or creative energy?


Are you ready for this ~

Personal perception

Social life


unhappy marriage



Lack of opportunities

Failed expectation

No creative expression

Don’t let the ignorance of frustration rob your creatives energies

The next bus stop from frustration is fatigue or a burn out....

Our greatest Gift apart from the life God had given, is to be creative but our joy is fulfilled through our shared experiences when we serve each other…

Gen 1:27, John 15:11

©Copyright 2012 written by:Peter Johnson.


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