A family portray…Pt1


They that eat together stay together

They say ~

What do you say

can we avoid arguments disputing ~ deep dislikes…

Remember I’m male not a female…


connect ~

be emotional…

that’s female ~

Ok, man’s becoming logical rational

Why not emotional?


Watch what she does ~ I’ll do

Isn’t that female…


They that eat together stay together

So, over looking

all enjoying

jaws are moving

No body is talking


A family portray

©Copyright 2012 written by:Peter Johnson

I don’t think we appreciate how different we are as male & female.

What is often expected of us can appear to be opposite to our natural disposition but what I believe, we should celebrate our differences and practise accepting the things we can’t change in our relationships .

Enjoy your weekend…

“Each one Teach one”


2 Responses

  1. Even after 18yrs of marriage, I am still learning things about my husband as a man. We learn each other and respect the differences but it is quite something to see and hear how the opposite gender thinks and operates. God knew what He was doing in creating. May we just take the time to see and respect the DNA and the roles played by which the Lord intended.

    Blessings to you for sharing this and the beautiful picture to go along with it!

    • Perfectly said, I’m not a big fan of divorce but this is one of many issues that causes it when we can’t simply accept that we male and female are UNIQUELY different, as you rightly said God knew what he was doing…

      Lord help marriages and relationships as we all needs more than a man’s or a women’s point of view

      We need your your perspective and willingness to learn.

      Thanks for your comment, many many blessings to you terra

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