A family portray…Pt1


They that eat together stay together

They say ~

What do you say

can we avoid arguments disputing ~ deep dislikes…

Remember I’m male not a female…


connect ~

be emotional…

that’s female ~

Ok, man’s becoming logical rational

Why not emotional?


Watch what she does ~ I’ll do

Isn’t that female…


They that eat together stay together

So, over looking

all enjoying

jaws are moving

No body is talking


A family portray

┬ęCopyright 2012 written by:Peter Johnson

I don’t think we appreciate how different we are as male & female.

What is often expected of us can appear to be opposite to our natural disposition but what I believe, we should celebrate our differences and practise accepting the things we can’t change in our relationships .

Enjoy your weekend…

“Each one Teach one”

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